Skribe – “Less Is More” LP on Ecto Cooler Green Vinyl

You may have noticed that we have boxed up and put Thee Analog Blog in the garage. However, we have a bit of unfinished businesses to address before dropping it off at the thrift store…

Back in 2014 a rogue named Aaron Yealdhall, dba Skribe, wrote me a pitch about his latest album. We discussed the record a bit, agreed on an interview, and he sent one our way.

We listened to the Ecto Cooler Green colored slab of wax for a month and wrote back with questions. And then, as mysteriously as he entered our lives (via vinyl) he left. We sent follow ups and there was never a response… So, in the spirit of karma (and of people who routinely send off records for press), we wanted to say a few kind words about this wonderful record.

“Less Is More” breathes. At its heart, it is a purposefully minimal showcase of a singer/songwriter. However, it has enough gingerbread to add some intrigue. Just look at the traveling medicine show assortment of overdubs: a sousaphone, a capri organ, electric suitcase, and kazoo. This results in a record that holds up to repeated listens, and attaches itself further to the listener with every revolution.

We love records that do not feel bound to an era and “Less Is More” feels like it takes place outside of time. When someone drops the needle on this album 100 years from now on their space record player, they would have no idea what decade from which it came.
As a bonus, the packaging is great. In addition to the aforementioned Ecto Cooler Green vinyl, the jacket is this interesting rough hew/screened thing.

So, to wherever you are at Skribe, just know that we did (and do) thoroughly enjoy your LP in all of its purposefully sparse glory.



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